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Hand In Hand Preschool

Classes on a Waitlist
All-Day Everyday

3 Day Preschool

2 Day PM T/TH

The above classes are full right now. Please continue your registration be added to the waitlist. We might open up another section of this class if we get enough people on the waitlist. We also recommend registering for another class if another one you would be interested in has openings. You would only be charged one registration fee. 

We have spots open in the


A staff member from Princeton Community Education will contact you if there is an opening

"I understand that if I am registering for the above classes that my registration won't be confirmed and my registration fee won't be charged until there is an opening."

Sign up for a screening Today -Princeton ISD 477 Screening

The following document is current as of 2021 2022 School Year. Please look at these for your reference but know that some information might be updated for the 2022 - 2023 School year.

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Hand In Hand Preschool 22/23